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Tired of wholesalers inflating the ARV, or severely underestimating cost of repairs? Frustrated by all these wholesalers that try to get you interested in a property they have not even signed yet?

We Won’t Trick You Into Signing Up With The “check out our amazing property inventory” Scheme.


We are based on transparency, honesty and directness. If you want good deals you have to get on our list period! That’s just how it works. We Have Local Off-Market Investment Properties In Connecticut For Sale. Sign up here to get on our list.


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Investment Properties In Meriden CT

This link is what gets sent to you by email whenever we get a property under contract that fits your criteria.

A complete analysis of the property by us, our agents, and our contractors, as if we were going to buy  the house ourselves.


We do not do bidding wars we do not increase our fee. We don’t want to deal with the drama. We want to sign it off, and move to the next in record time.

We Are Cash Buyers And Flippers Ourselves

That means, we know our numbers, we give an accurate yet conservative Cost Of Repairs (COR). We walk the house with our contractor and our agent to make sure the analysis is spot on! Here are a few Houses We could not resist keeping ourselves.

Investment properties in Waterbury CT
We Kept this as a buy and hold.
Investment properties in Clinton CT
We Flipped This one ourselves. See How we did (pics). ($180K in Profits)

The following properties were eagerly and happily picked up by our buyers hours after we release them.

Investment Properties In Cheshire CT Investment Properties In Meriden CT Investment Properties In Manchester CT







So Many Wanna-Be Wholesalers

Dealing with these wholesalers cost us more time, frustration and headaches, than looking for good deals ourselves. We decided to eliminate wholesalers and get the properties ourselves. We became so darn successful at it, we have no idea what to do with all the properties we just can’t buy! So we decided to wholesale them ourselves… OUR WAY!

We Know What Cash Buyers Look For In Investment Properties In CT

We know cash buyers are a very different breed from motivated sellers. You know how it all works, you are very savvy when it comes to the real estate market so we are not going to fluff up this website with all sorts of bullshit and useless jargon about New REO Properties, Bank Owned Properties, Foreclosure Properties, Pre-Foreclosure Properties yadda yadda yadda.

It suffices to say that we are THE leading property “getters” in Connecticut. Indeed everyone claims this… We, however don’t just claim this. We show you! We OWN the first page of google when it comes to motivated sellers:

As you can see, we have several websites harvesting quality leads all the time, all taking high ranking spots on Google! What does this mean:It means we get more leads than we can handle. Of course we also keep a few good ones for our next flip, but we can not flip them all. We can be very picky. And we do cherry pick ONLY the homerun deals in CT. When you get a message from us, Drop What You Are Doing and Jump On It! Many of our buyers know this already!

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Finding real estate investment properties at a discount is tough! It takes too much time, and the cost of marketing is astronomical. To make things worse, all these wholesalers are always underestimating repairs and overestimating the  After Repair Value, and they become such a waste of time. 

Yes it is indeed difficult.

But what if we told you that there is a way to get amazing deals sent right to your inbox. Not just any deals,… deals that are tailored to your specific requirements. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for and we will market for these properties for FREE!

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Yes you read that correctly!

Fill out the form and tell us what you are looking for and and we will set up a marketing campaign based on your criteria, on us!

When we get the leads, you will have first exposure to these leads.

This ensures that each and every cash buyer on our list gets unbelievable deals tailored to your preferences specifically and sent right to your inbox.

Opt out of the list at any time!


And best of all?

Our leads keep streaming in continuously! There is no obligation to act on these deals. You have nothing to lose here!

Looking For Your Next Flip?

We are the owners of the top Google ranking motivated seller lead website in Connecticut. As such, we get a lot of motivated sellers that need their house sold quickly and for cash!

Bank Owned Properties for sale in CT
This deal was so hot, we had to keep it for ourselves. We get deals like this often! Fill out our form so the next one is yours! We get hot leads every day!

What Sets Us Apart?

We are brutally honest, to our sellers and to you. We are transparent. This means that our motivated sellers know that we are wholesaling their property. We only wholesale our contracts when it is something the seller has agreed to. No sneaking behind anyone’s back, and no drama. We are active, we are serious and we are honest!

But what really sets us apart is this:

When you fill out our form  you will be asked what cities you invest in. We will specifically start marketing based on those cities. If we find amazing deals in these cities we will send them to you. You will only get a notification from us when we find a good investment property based on the criteria you entered. There is no obligation to act on it and this service is absolutely free to you!

Tell us what you are looking for and we explicitly do the marketing for you, at no cost! We will set up a marketing campaign  targeting your requirements. The best part of it all is that there is no obligation at all. The properties we find that fit on your criteria will be sent to you and it is up to you if you want to act on it, or ignore it. We will keep on marketing regardless.

How It Works:

  1. When you fill out our form, you will be asked what cities you invest in.
  2. If we have what you are looking for in our inventory you will get instant access to these deals, and if not,
  3. We immediately get to work. We start marketing based on what you are explicitly looking for.
  4. When the leads come in, we verify that the numbers match your criteria, including your profit margin ARV and repair costs.
  5. If it all pans out you will receive a notification that we have found a match for you.
  6. You can either act on this deal or ignore it, for the next cash buyer to take a look at it.

All this is done behind the scenes on our end. On your end it will be just a smooth continuous flow of amazing investment properties here in CT to pick and choose from!

I want discounted properties for sale in CT

We hear you. We market for all kind of discounted properties in Connecticut. Our clients have decided for one reason or an other that it is in their best interest to sell their house in CT below market value. As our priority is to help our clients get rid of their property and we can obviously not buy their houses as fast as we get them submitted to our site, we aim to help them out by sending you these deals to your inbox.

This benefits you the investor as we have already taken the risk (and cost) out of marketing for these discounted CT Investment Properties. Of course our clients benefit from this as the contract now gets exposed to you the investors out there.

We deal with pre-foreclosure properties, foreclosed properties, bank owned properties,  Bank owned foreclosures, REO’s, income properties home owners are just tired of maintaining, fixer-uppers and more.

Do you need to sell your house in Connecticut?

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